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Posted by: SPT on 09/06/2016

Adkins: swapping shoes for SPT technology

Adkins: swapping shoes for SPT technology Andrew Adkins is focusing on clever technology in his new role with Melbourne-based Sports Performance Tracking.

He says, “As General Manager of SPT, my role will be to grow the business through retail in Australia and New Zealand.

“Over the coming months, we plan to work with all levels of sports retail to build our presence in the retail landscape, and plan to expand on the ever-growing international market.

Adkins had spent more than eight years with apparel and footwear specialist Sfida Group, including overseeing the 2015 acquisition of accessories brand Fly Active, which the Footscray West company is expanding and developing under the sales team led by sales manager Shawn Koralewski. .

Adkins says, “SPT is the leading provider of contact sport in-game GPS tracking for amateur athletes, providing all of the essential data for amateur level athletes to assist in improving their performance, with features including heat maps, team roster, intensity ratings and running zones.

“ SPT’s Game Traka software is a tool for players of all levels and has been sold in more than 40 countries. 

“Over the coming months we look forward to expanding our reach into sports retail outlets throughout Australia and New Zealand.”