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Posted by: Nike Pacific on 10/05/2017

Flyleather: Nike’s new footwear solution

Flyleather: Nike’s new footwear solution

Nike has come up with a solution to the environmental impact of using leather in footwear, while keeping its benefits for customers.

It is called Flyleather, described as “made with the 30 percent of a cow’s hide that is discarded during the typical leather manufacturing process.

“Nike takes what is not used and turns it into fibres, which are then combined with synthetic fibres and a fabric infrastructure to form one material. That material then goes through a finishing process, including pigmentation, rolled and cut.

This process is reported to use 90 percent less water and has an 80 percent lower carbon footprint than typical leather manufacturing.

According to Nike, the Flyleather is 40 percent lighter and five times stronger than traditional leather while still feeling and looking like premium leather.

The product is featured on the Nike Flyleather Tennis Classic, an all-white version of the premium court shoe, to be followed by a collection of other styles for a range of sports.