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Posted by: Nike Pacific on 08/10/2017

Nike launches 'pinnacle store' in Sydney

Nike launches 'pinnacle store' in Sydney Nike Australia’s new national flagship store opened its doors in Sydney today, a contemporary store in a heritage location.

George Street is the location for the first three-level Nike store in NSW – it features Nike+ Running Trial Zones, a pant hemming service, specialised bra-fitting service and an Australian first of in-store Snkr Services. 

The store boasts Sydney-specific design elements and an expansive collection of Nike footwear, apparel and accessories, spotlighting some of the brand’s most innovative products. 

In a Nike Australia first, the store also features sneaker cleaning and protection services.

The new flagship is the first high street store for the brand in Sydney, situated in a heritage building that has been modernised for the new store.

The ground floor is dedicated to men’s training and running, sportswear, the Jordan Brand and basketball in the basement. The first floor has been designated for womenswear, in the running, training and sportswear categories,.

The Nike+ Trial Zones; are reported to be an immersive space that features a Nike+ Run treadmill dedicated to trialling running footwear.

Nike Australia has 59 stores located around Australia, with partner Retail Prodigy Group.