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Posted by: HART Sport on 04/07/2016

Hart Sport Committed to ethical sourcing

Hart Sport Committed to ethical sourcing

Hart Sport is committed to on-going ethical sourcing and the highest standards of integrity.

“We work closely with our international suppliers to ensure all business is conducted in accordance with International Labour Organisation obligations and includes prohibiting  child labour.

“We ensure that where products are sourced in low wage countries workers are valued and respected as set out in the United Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“All our suppliers must comply with all laws including environmental sustainability, and we achieve this by  regular factory inspections, written undertakings from suppliers and reviewing independent audit results.”

Hart Sport has pledged to abide by the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry code of conduct, aiming to eliminate poor working conditions, child labour, to improve environmental performance in the production of footballs, a policy Hart Sport endorses and our factory was audited by the WSFGI.

• Check out our new Ultimus soccer ball now. The Hart Ultimus soccer ball meets the FIFA Quality Programme test, used to assess footballs under laboratory conditions, subjecting the balls  to conditions more testing than on field.

Ultimus passed seven tests, including weight, circumference, roundness bounce,  water absorption,  loss of pressure, shape and size retention.