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Sports and Outdoor trade supplier Gray-Nicolls Sports Pty Ltd in Cheltenham VIC

Gray-Nicolls Sports Pty Ltd

Sport outdoor & watersports

03 8541 9999
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Contact Details

Name Gray-Nicolls Sports Pty Ltd
Logo Gray-Nicolls Sports Pty Ltd Company Logo by Gray-Nicolls Sports Pty Ltd in Cheltenham VIC
Phone Number 03 8541 9999
45 Wangara Road
Cheltenham, VIC 3192
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More Information

Executive staff Nick Gray – Sales & Marketing Director
Jason Gray – Finance Director
Dale Buckley – Operations & Sales Manager – 0400 920 232
Greg Smyth – Gray-Nicolls & Grays Hockey Brand Manager – 0419 322 482
Michael Reed – County, Platypus & Grays Squash Brand Manager – 0439 335 755
Jon Clarke – Commercial Manager. Steeden, Gilbert Rugby, Gilbert Netball & Opro – 0439 066 906
Greg Orvis – Yonex Brand Manager – 0418 517 377.
State branches & representatives NSW – Aaron Phillips, 0400 142 462; Scott Masters, 0412 210 119.
QLD – Andrew Bice, 0418 517 812; Hamish Maclean, 0424 076 390.
VIC/SA/TAS – Lee Privitera, 0408 322 465.
VIC – Nathan Anderson, 0439 066 689.
WA/NT – Steve Fitzgerald, 0418 375 064.
Product range Gray-Nicolls Cricket – Accessories, bags, balls, bats, caps/hats, clothing, socks, footwear, gloves, grips, helmets, legguards, protective equipment, repairs, teamwear, wickets, indoor cricket equipment, ball machines, scoreboards and scorebooks. County Cricket – Balls, bats, clothing, footwear, gloves, legguards, protective equipment and indoor cricket equipment. Platypus – Cricket balls. Steeden Rugby League – Accessories, balls, bags, clothing, footwear, headgear, kicking tees, protective equipment, field marking (cones), ball pumps & needles, NRL licensed products, tackle equipment, touch balls, netballs, soccer balls, teamwear, fitness accessories, boxing. Gilbert Rugby Union – Accessories, balls, clothing, coaching boards, contact suits, footwear, headgear, hit shields, mouthguards, protective equipment, tackle equipment, shorts, teamwear. Gilbert Netball – Netballs, whistles, bags, clothing, coachine boards, bibs, nets, netball rings/posts and accessories, footwear, Diamonds licensed products, ANZ Championship licensed products, Silver Ferns Licensed products, teamwear. Grays Hockey – Sticks, accessories, bags, balls, clothing, coaching boards, footwear, grips, protective equipment, shin guards, teamwear, indoor hockey equipment and field marking (cones). Grays Squash – Balls, racquets, safety eyewear; racquetball racquets, racquetball balls. Grays Badminton – Racquets, sets and shuttlecocks. Yonex Tennis – Bags, balls, clothing, footwear, grips, racquets, shock absorbers and strings, stringing machine, accessories. Yonex Badminton – Bags, clothing, footwear, grips, nets, racquets, sets, shuttlecocks, strings, court mats, stringing machine, accessories. OPRO Mouthguards – Mouthguards – retail and custom. Enforcer – Scrum machines.
Brand names County, Gilbert Rugby, Gilbert Netball, Gray-Nicolls, Grays Hockey, Grays Squash, Racquetball & Badminton, Steeden, Yonex Tennis & Badminton, Platypus Cricket Balls

Products & Services

Available Products & Services Request FREE Details # Reviews
Accessories Ball Pumps & Needles 0
Accessories Eyewear Safety 0
Accessories Field Marking (cones Disks Etc) 0
Apparel 0
Badminton Clothing 0
Badminton Footwear 0
Badminton Nets 0
Badminton Racquets 0
Badminton Sets 0
Badminton Shuttlecocks 0
Badminton Stringing Machines 0
Billiards/snooker/pool Accessories 0
Billiards/snooker/pool Balls 0
Billiards/snooker/pool Cues 0
Boxing Clothing 0
Boxing Gloves 0
Boxing Head Guards 0
Boxing Medicine Balls 0
Boxing Mitts 0
Boxing Punching Bags 0
Boxing Speed Balls 0
Brands 0
Clothing Corporate 0
Clothing Custom-made 0
Combat 0
Court Sports 0
Cricket Bags 0
Cricket Balls 0
Cricket Bats 0
Cricket Caps/hats 0
Cricket Clothing 0
Cricket Compression Garments & Performance Clothing 0
Cricket Footwear 0
Cricket Gloves 0
Cricket Grips 0
Cricket Helmets 0
Cricket Protective Equipment 0
Cricket Repairs 0
Cricket Scoreboards 0
Cricket Scorebooks 0
Cricket Wickets 0
Darts 0
Darts Accessories 0
Darts Boards 0
Darts Cabinets 0
Football (soccer) Balls 0
Games Indoor Cricket Equipment 0
Games Indoor Hockey Equipment 0
Gray-nicolls 0
Grays 0
Hockey Bags 0
Hockey Balls 0
Hockey Clothing 0
Hockey Coaching Boards 0
Hockey Footwear 0
Hockey Grips 0
Hockey Protective Equipment 0
Hockey Shin Guards 0
Hockey Sticks 0
Indoor 0
Licensed Product Balls 0
Licensed Product Cricket 0
Licensed Product Nrl 0
Mueller Sports Care 0
Netball Balls 0
Netball Clothing 0
Netball Footwear 0
Racquetball Balls 0
Racquetball Racquets 0
Rugby League Bags 0
Rugby League Balls 0
Rugby League Clothing 0
Rugby League Footwear 0
Rugby League Gripper Gloves 0
Rugby League Headgear & Protective Headbands 0
Rugby League Kicking Tees 0
Rugby League Protective Equipment 0
Rugby Union Accessories 0
Rugby Union Balls 0
Rugby Union Clothing 0
Rugby Union Contact Suits 0
Rugby Union Footwear 0
Rugby Union Headgear & Protective Headbands 0
Rugby Union Mouthguards 0
Rugby Union Protective Equipment 0
Rugby Union Studs/stud Covers 0
Sports General 0
Sportswear General 0
Squash Bags 0
Squash Clothing 0
Squash Footwear 0
Squash Grips 0
Squash Racquets 0
Squash Strings 0
Steeden 0
Tennis Bags 0
Tennis Balls 0
Tennis Clothing 0
Tennis Footwear 0
Tennis Grips 0
Steeden kicks off as world cup ball by Gray-Nicolls Sports Pty Ltd in Cheltenham VIC

Steeden kicks off as world cup ball

Official match ball for this year’s Rugby League World Cup has been launched by Steeden, for use by the men’s and women’s tournaments Steeden..

Posted by: Gray-Nicolls Sports Pty Ltd

Tags: Rugby Leage, World Cup, Training Equipment

Posted: 02/27/2017

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Bassett joins Gilbert netball as brand ambassador by Gray-Nicolls Sports Pty Ltd in Cheltenham VIC

Bassett joins Gilbert netball as brand ambassador

Gilbert’s rollcall of netball stars continues to grow with dominant shooter Caitlin Bassett the latest athlete to become a brand ambassador. The Australian..

Posted by: Gray-Nicolls Sports Pty Ltd

Posted: 10/07/2015

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Yonex takes on Open stringing duties by Gray-Nicolls Sports Pty Ltd in Cheltenham VIC

Yonex takes on Open stringing duties

Yonex has been named the official stringer of the Australian Open tennis tournament, replacing Wilson. Yonex staff will be on site at Melbourne Park during January’s..

Posted by: Gray-Nicolls Sports Pty Ltd

Posted: 10/01/2015

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