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Posted by: Sportslink on 11/15/2017

All I want for Christmas is (not) Amazon

All I want for Christmas is (not) Amazon

Sorry to spoil your Christmas, but with Amazon set to launch in weeks or even days, forecasts are that most holiday sales will be online.

The US-owned ecommerce giant briefed brands on Monday at a Sydney marketplace summit in which country head Rocco Braeuniger said its retail offering and third-party sellers’ marketplace would launch “really, really soon”.

It us understood many of the products available will come in the form of links to third-party partners’ sales portals. Selling on Amazon Australian marketplace will reportedly cost just under $50 a month plus between 6-15 per cent of completed sales.

Amazon aren’t saying yet what brands or products will be available, but some clues may had by selective searching with Google. Without naming names, we can tell you that there could be some of Australia’s largest-selling brands among them. Many products appear on search on the Australian site, but are marked currently unavailable, while some on international sites show “available for delivery in Australia”.

There has been speculation that Amazon will be functioning in Australia by “Black Friday” (November 24)… ample time for gifts with the company’s reputation for short delivery cycles.

Earlier this week, Australian Retailers Association executive director Russell Zimmerman said online gift purchases were set to increase by 3.96 per cent this year. Most gifts will be purchased online.

The annual ARA and Roy Morgan Research prediction has put Christmas shopping at $50 billion between November 15-December 24, an increase of 2.8 per cent on last year and well below the hoped-for four to five per cent.