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Posted by: Sportslink on 07/04/2017

Fabrics for millenials: natural, recycled

Fabrics for millenials: natural, recycled Millenials are reaching their peak purchasing power, so brands need to be aware of their needs.

So says Ispo Textrends expert Louisa Smith. Writing in the Ispo newsletter, she reports that millenials are seeking out the work/life balance, rather than just the hardcore sports participant at a professional level, and textile trends of the future will need to bear this in mind.

The trend information, developed by Ispo Textrends, highlighted the need for athletes to meet personal goals, whether on a high performance level or through experiencing something new on a more leisurely and wellbeing approach.

For the expanding outdoor market there is a surge in high performance apparel, soft-wear, backpacks, tents and footwear, with the companies selected to feature at the Ispo Shanghai trade show this month delivering on function and style.

There is also an increase in water sport activities from kayaking to surfing, kite surfing to free diving to surf-wear that crosses over into street sports, inspired by the athleisure aspect that has dominated the activewear/lifestyle market, says Louisa Smith.

From attending music festivals to taking to travel, performance fabrics feature across a wider spectrum of the market than just the traditional sports market.

With a strong emphasis on style, vitality and what Louisa Smith calls “technicity,” the Textrends display “leads the way in delivering on-target qualities in all sectors of the textile chain to guarantee that the sports sector has a strong bearing.”

Says Louisa Smith, A key trend for spring/summer 2019 is ‘Moment’ with consumers realising they have an abundance of ‘stuff’ in the form of multiple gadgets, appliances and personal possessions, and there is a trend pushing forward to outdoor experiences to share on social media and via group apps.

Consumers now realise activities and experiences shared on social media have much more kudos than having the latest must-have item.

This is about taking time out, encountering new experiences and locations in the great outdoors through to more extreme sports, and most importantly sharing it.

Fabrics selected for the season have also embraced the ‘Dynamic’ mega trend, focusing on a renewed efficiency that comes into play as we clean up our act on the sustainability front.

A range of recycled and bio-synthetic fabrics feature alongside natural fibres including cotton, merino wool and modal.

Cleaner technology also comes through with one dye-bath processing, reducing water consumption to layering technology that adds added value to the consumer, eliminating finishing process and harsh finishes.

Hybrid fabrics that reduce the garment processing stage also feature as body mapping and zoning are applied into the fabric seamlessly, rather than being inserted by machine.

The final mega trend is ‘Calm’, evident through lightweight qualities and a new sensual and soft touch in all sectors of the market without neglecting multi functional technically and creativity.

Surface effects also come through, with the colour palette for the season ranging from a deep intensity contrasting with a fresh tropical tone through to muted hues.

Louisa Smith reports that strong trends will be muted primary colours, tropical zingy colours and earth tones on natural fibres.


• Ispo Shanghai will include a showcase of trends of spring/summer 2019 in the show, to be held from July 6-8.