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Posted by: Sportslink on 11/15/2017

Getting high schoolers back into sport

Getting high schoolers back into sport In secondary school, many students disengage from sport. The ASC in partnership with LaTrobe University wanted to find out why.

“Playing sport offers many benefits for youth aged 13 to 17, and develops physical literacy for active and healthy lives”, so the Australian Sports Commission sought to identify what interventions engage and motivate young people to continue participating in sport and physical activity.

Partnering La Trobe University’s Centre for Sport and Social Impact, a pilot programme involving secondary schools and sport sector partners evaluated, measured and reported on the impact of interventions.

The findings build upon existing global research to provide a better understanding of what is successful in Australian schools and ways to increase youth participation including developing youth specific products for the school market.

The findings will also continue to support the ASC’s expansion of the $160 million Australian Government Sporting Schools programme into secondary schools – targeting groups that demographically make up a large portion of youth disengaged from sport.

The pilot ran across five school terms, with eight national sporting organisations, with 100 schools and surveys with teachers, parents and 6,600 students.

The research identified:

• the groups of disengaged students, who they are, their barriers and motivations.

• the value of the sport-in-school relationship and how to build it.

• strategies to enhance engagement through programme delivery, deliverer and design.

The research came up with ten development areas for sporting organisations currently delivering in secondary schools, plus 14 design and delivery principles for creating new secondary school sport programmes.