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Posted by: Sportslink on 10/02/2017

How to compete with Amazon

How to compete with Amazon

A survey has shown that many Australian retailers are not prepared for Amazon’s arrival.

The survey was undertaken by digital marketing agency DataSauce, founded by former Head of Digital at retail juggernaut Catch of the Day, Tzvi Balbin.

Balbin says that the May survey showed that many retailers are unable to compete with the short delivery times and free shipping of Amazon Prime.

He advised retailers to focus on the one thing that truly sets them apart from their competition.

“Amazon is a one size fits all. At the end of the day, to beat Amazon you need to focus on their weaknesses. Niche down, build and nurture a fanatical community, tell a story and leverage loyalty.

“It’s not enough to have in store pickup and claim to provide a true omni-channel experience,” Balbin says.