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Posted by: Sportslink on 10/07/2017

Rebel merger early feedback ‘positive’

Rebel merger early feedback ‘positive’

Focus of the SRG sports division collective minds, the merger of the Amart Sports network into new Rebel stores, is well underway.

A spokesman updates Sportslink on progress:

"As announced in June, we are converting our network of Amart Sports into new Rebel stores, and that process will be complete before November 2017.

“In realising this change, the Group will be combining the best of both brands into one single customer-focused offering that brings together Rebel’s strengths in solutions and services with Amart’s customer service excellence into the one strong, national omni sports retailer.

“Early feedback from our team members, partners and customers has been positive and we look forward to being able to offer customers an expanded range of solutions and services at more locations across Australia.”

Announced in late July to SRG team members and trade partners, managing director of SRG’s sports division Erica Berchtold described the strategy to Sportslink’s Editor Maggie Coleman as one “designed to make the sports division of Super Retail Group stronger, ‘matchfit and ready to rumble.’

“The best elements of both brands will be cherry-picked for a stronger one-brand strategy and I am convinced it is the right thing to do now.“

The two brands will become one by the end of October this year, and this is because Rebel and Amart “are the closest during November and December – the build-up to Christmas – with many similar products and prices.

“The merger will also have the benefit of reducing two marketing plans and expensive campaigns for the festive season and New Year sales to one,” Berchtold said.