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Posted by: Sportslink on 04/18/2016

Tennis Australia promotes cardio workout

Tennis Australia promotes cardio workout

A gathering of stars showed how it's done at  the launch of Fitbit Cardio Tennis workout with Tennis Australia.

Champ and commentator Todd Woodbridge and Fitbit ambassador and personal trainer Luke Hines were on hand to demonstrate the high energy tennis workout at the National Tennis Centre.

As part of the Fitbit Cardio Tennis programme, participants will be encouraged to use fitness trackers to track stats such as steps, caloric burn and heart rate.

Cardio Tennis workouts are designed to help players improve their hand-eye coordination, tennis skills and fitness levels. The sessions include a warm up, cardio segments featuring drill-based and play-based tennis activities, and a cool down.

Thousands of Australians regularly participate in the programme at more than 1,000 clubs around the country, reports Tennis Australia, with coaches wearing the devices to encourage participants. to improve their tennis skills and lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.”

Tennis Australia product manager Patrick McInerney was thrilled with the success of last week’s launch and is looking forward to encouraging more Australians to get involved. “The best part is you don’t even have to be a tennis player,” he says.

Pictured: Fitbit Ambassador and personal trainer Luke Hines showed how the programme works.