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Posted by: Sportslink on 07/25/2017

Adventurer Kate lines up gear for Antarctica

Adventurer Kate lines up gear for Antarctica

Extreme cyclist Kate Leeming is well down the road with planning to cycle across the Antarctic continent via the South Pole.

Melbourne-based adventurer, author and speaker, Leeming has been testing equipment and apparel for the freezing adventure, and in March this year she rode a four-week training adventure through the Canadian Arctic.

Among products she has been testing include the MerinoFusion base layers from Melbourne-based Wilderness Wear.

Dr Leeming is an adventurer with many achievements to her name. “As an explorer/adventurer, I have cycled the equivalent distance of twice around the world at the Equator,” she reports on her blog, all supporting the breaking of the poverty cycle, boosting education or aiding the children of Chernobyl.

She describes her three main achievements including: Breaking the Cycle in Africa Expedition – a ten month, 22,040km journey across Africa from Point des Almadies, Senegal to Cape Hafun, Puntland, Somalia in a continuous line and completed in August 2010.

Previous expeditions include the 25,000km Great Australian Cycle Expedition and the 13,400km Trans-Siberian Cycle Expedition.

“My latest venture, Breaking the Cycle South Pole will be a supported attempt to be the first person to cycle across the Antarctic continent via the South Pole.

“Breaking the Cycle will serve to build on my commitment to contribute towards ending extreme poverty and education. I am now focused on raising the sponsorship support to make BTC South Pole a reality, and these currently include World Expeditions, Australian Geographic, Ibis Cycles, Vee tire company, Helleborg Tents, Wilderness Wear, Mont Australia, and several private contributors,” reports Leeming.

“In between expeditions I work as a real tennis professional (currently at the Royal Melbourne Tennis Club). I have won five Australian Open singles titles and six doubles titles, and have achieved a highest ranking of world number two.

She was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Education at The University of Western Australia.

Among products she tested for the incredibly demanding projects in Canada and the Antartic were the new MerinoFusion thermal layers from Wilderness Wear, reporting “The Merino Fusion garments that you provided are the best I have ever used as a base layer.”

Says the Wilderness Wear team of Philip Endersbee and Jon Pote , “A factor in the testing was to consider the total result of mixing up layering with a wide range of materials, including cotton, wool, synthetics and bamboo among others.

“Some garments were dedicated cycling items and others were general technical outdoor, including head gear, underwear, socks and gloves – all important for the gruelling temperatures that occasionally tipped -40?C.

“The process of keeping moisture away from the skin and working at temperature regulation via layering the MerinoFusion” was vital to keeping warm and comfortable in incredibly challenging conditions.