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Posted by: Sportslink on 01/12/2017

Bushwalking, shopping: what’s not to like?

Bushwalking, shopping: what’s not to like? In good news for retailers, particularly outdoor retailers, bushwalking and shopping are among the most popular activities for Aussies on holidays.

So says a Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia) survey, October 2015-September 2016, n=7,797. interviewing Australians aged 14+ whose last trip was domestic.

According to the survey, a “trip” was any non-business stay of one night or more.

Research shows that more people went bushwalking than visited museums on their last Australian getaway, and that shopping was a more popular holiday activity than swimming and surfing.

As of September 2016, 10.7 million Australians reported that their last holiday was domestic and that wining and dining was also a popular activity.

Big numbers visited country scenery, went wildlife spotting, visited parks and gardens and national parks and forests, and while the figures varied from state to state, getting outdoors was obviously a popular way of enjoying their holiday time.

Surfing and swimming were popular on Queensland holidays, as you would expect but few went into the salt water when visiting Victoria.

Bushwalking and visiting national parks and forests rated highly with visitors to NT and lowest with visitors to Victoria, where Wilson’s Prom and the Grampians are attractions worth visiting.