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Posted by: Sportslink on 09/04/2017

New reel orders are lifeline for Alvey

New reel orders are lifeline for Alvey

Brisbane-based fishing specialist Alvey Reels Australia has received a reprieve from closure after keen fisherfolk swamped the company with orders for its reels.

Fourth generation Charles Alvey and Sons managing director Bruce Alvey announced the imminent closure of the company’s manufacturing unit on its Facebook page on July 19, saying, “To our wonderful customers over many, many years, it is with great sadness I have to announce that Alvey Reels Australia will be closing down.

“Our manufacturing facility at Carole Park has served us well since 1978 but sales of our reels are now so low they can not generate the income required to keep the business going.

“Our loyal and skilled staff have kept the quality of our products very high and we are proud of this reputation as being the toughest reel on the market.”

The fishing community responded with a massive number of orders, so the current stock was exhausted and two more employees have been added to the 17 staff to meet the the orders, thus postponing the closure till at least October 31 or maybe Christmas, Bruce Alvey reported on his post:

“We have only survived this long against all odds because we take pride in building a quality product that actually works better than other styles of reels, especially on our beautiful beaches.

“Even today, most Aussie champion surf anglers use Alvey reels because they allow the angler to feel every bite, cast light or heavy baits and do not sieze up after being accidentally being dropped in the sand.

“People who are worried about spare parts should not worry, I am sure we will have enough to last many years and we will look into setting up a system some how to ensure Alvey users can get access to these.

“Since we made the announcement, our loyal customers have come out of the woodwork asking what they can do to help keep our iconic family owned business going. We are exploring all options and we welcome any suggestions, Bruce Alvey wrote.

The business was established in 1920 by Charles Alvey and has manufactured reels continuously since, except for a period during World War 2 when the factory was used for war purposes.

The impact of imported reels and the costs of doing business is today’s challenging environment have been blamed for the decision to close.

The company moved to its current manufacturing unit in Carole Park in outer Brisbane in 1978 and has an extensive range of reels for all fishing conditions, along with rods and other equipment.

 • An image from the Alvey Reels website, summing up the appeal of of  the company's products and lifestyle