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Posted by: Sportslink on 08/21/2017

No more ‘just clambering about’

No more ‘just clambering about’ Mountaineering is a sport of extremes: retro and modern, exercise and relaxation.

This is what makes leisure time out in the fresh air so enjoyable, reports the Ispo team in its latest trend report.

Whether you are an ambitious mountaineer or simply a fan of leisurely hikes, the equipment and safety functions for all these sport are getting better all the time. Mountaineering is now safer and more comfortable than ever before.

This year, manufacturers will offer climbers, mountaineers and hikers new products focusing on safety, lightweight design and comfort.

The way in which consumers go mountaineering today explains why these areas are setting the trends.

Outdoor enthusiasts would like to experience sport and relaxation in nature—a “back to the roots experience”—after work or at the weekend between other leisure activities.

Mountaineering is also the perfect outdoor fitness programme, Ispo reports.

To ensure that sport and relaxation go hand in hand, it is important to have equipment that is comfortable, light, easy to handle and safe.

Safety comes first: Simply clambering about—that was yesterday. Mountaineering fans think about themselves and their safety.

Manufacturers are realising this and are developing clever easy-to-use safety systems.

Lightweight products are very popular with consumers. Modern mountaineers like to pick up the pace as trail runners or speed hikers. Heavy kit or uncomfortable clothing will only slow you down.

Clothing, rucksack and shoe manufacturers are therefore using lightweight materials which do not restrict running movements and are easy to store.

Materials offering a complete range of properties—from breathability and waterproofing to comfort—are needed in mountaineering and outdoor sport, says Ispo.

Material combinations are everywhere: clothing can be manufactured using appropriate materials for maximum warmth or adequate freedom of movement. More manufacturers are combining synthetic fibres with natural materials and are placing particular emphasis on sustainable, environmentally friendly production.

However, outdoor fashion must be compatible with consumers’ social conscience. Customers are keen to know where the wool comes from, are checking that environmental standards such as bluesign® and the Responsible Standard Down (RDS) are met and are looking for products with a small CO2 footprint.

The various filling and outer materials combine the properties which sportsmen and women need in different situations.

Breathability is important for highly active mountaineers. Because they sweat more, they can become chilled or overheat without proper ventilation.

New technologies which keep consumers warm even if they sweat are appearing all the time.

Flexible items of clothing like these are taking into account a further trend: sports clothing has become everyday clothing and can adapt to temperatures even on a leisurely walk through a city.

* Pictured: Munich in Germany is surrounded by mountains and is the home of Ispo