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Posted by: Sportslink on 09/14/2017

Obsession with denim on the street

Obsession with denim on the street

As solo and street sports grow exponentially, so has the popularity of denim as the fabric of choice and wardrobe staple for the young and cool.

So says Ispo’s trend scout Louisa Smith, reporting on the new levels of performance for this popular fabric in the trade show organisers newsletter.

She says “One category at Ispo Textrends that has seen an incredible growth in applications from the textile performance sector is for Street Sports.

“This growth is directly linked to the consumers’ interest in transcending functional factors from their outdoor and sports activities to their daily lives, as ‘living wear’ attributes to active lifestyles.

One fabric pushing for recognition in this sector is denim. We all love it, most consumers own on average seven pairs of jeans, and denim has come a long way from its traditional utility heritage to being a staple in the wardrobe for all occasions.

Denim is taking on a new approach, incorporating functional yarns and finishes to accompany the traditional cotton content, maximising opportunities in the market in delivering authentic-looking denim with built in performance.

The interest from mills in developing hybrid blends stems back to when cotton prices spiked five years ago. In a bid for survival denim mills had no choice but to experiment, reducing the expensive cotton content and blending with alternative fibres and yarns.

While cotton prices have levelled out, the denim industry’s interest in what it can create has led to the growing interest in performance denim.

For premium brands, the interest in new technology and performance yarns pulled form the outdoor and sports sector also allows for a niche product, a necessity in an increasingly saturated global denim market. Today’s performance denim ranges from seamless knit jog jeans to rear resistant tough woven denim.

Higher abrasion and stain resistance are helping the textile to grow, along with the addition of yarns such as the Sensil performance portfolio which offers denim manufacturers the opportunity to add  a variety of characteristic function to denim including moisture management, cool touch, odour resistance, warming through to energising denim through the use of FIR yarns.

The good news is performance denim hasn’t reached its peak as yet, with mills and brands continuously reinventing the fabric we all love with ingredients that meet the demands of today’s active lifestyle.

Says Smith, “With the consumers’ association with denim at an all-time high, denim textile mills and denim brands continue to pursue this new active market.

From yoga to skateboarding, running to climbing, today’s new flexible and durable products combined with four-way stretch ensure that this niche will expand further.

For the consumer to have a denim garment that looks authentic but is fact much tougher andand stronger means that performance denim is here to stay, reports Louise Smith in the Ispo newsletter. (Picture: Bild)