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Posted by: Sportslink on 10/24/2017

Report shows 'allure' of golf as participation sport

Report shows 'allure' of golf as participation sport

Golf has been one of Australia's most popular participation sports for generations and it brings many economic, social and health impacts too.

Golf Australia chief executive Stephen Pitt claimed that golfers are happier, healthier and have greater social networks than others' in the community at large.

He was commenting on the recent study on the community impact of golf in Australia, released by the Australian Golf Industry Council and completed by Sports Business Partners and Street Ryan.

Pitt says the study documents the physical and mental health benefits worth millions of dollars to the Australian community. Golf contributes $3.6 billion to the community in economic and health benefits; it generates $477 million annually in tourism and shopping and helps prevent heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

He says, "Golf also teaches valuable life lessons, and principles such as respect, honesty, etiquette and self-discipline... along with cross-generational social interaction and connection with the outdoors and natural environment.

"And golfers record a greater life satisfaction score than the average Australian and thus are happier. The new report will enable the wider community to understand golf's true value as the game for life," he adds.