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Posted by: Sportslink on 10/26/2016

Sleeping bags: those outdoor essentials

Sleeping bags: those outdoor essentials

A good sleeping bag is essential to enjoying the outdoor experience in comfort, whatever the climate.

Trends in sleeping bags continue to follow fashion as well as science, and the range of colours and designs available is huge.

At Europe’s OutDoor 2016 trade show in July, manufacturers focussed on synthetic insulation sleeping bags with a wide range of models on show.

According to the European Outdoor Group sleeping bags are annually responsible for some EUR 100 million in sales – which explains their prominent position in store.

Sleeping bags are described as the core of their outdoor business by many companies, reporting that “We’re seeing more and more families with children going camping. Experiencing nature at first hand and the amazing freedom of sleeping outdoors is unbeatable.”

Hardwear products sometimes suffer due to the trend towards shorter leisure activities.

However, sleeping bags seem to be unaffected by this.

Even on shorter outdoor adventures, you still need a warm, comfortable and versatile sleeping bag.

And sleeping bags are also used for other purposes, such as music festivals and staying with friends,” say many suppliers.

Synthetic insulation sleeping bags will be increasingly important in the coming year.

Manufacturers enjoy good sales with them and they’re ideal for customers who don’t plan to spend the night in extreme conditions.

New materials make the new generation of products smaller and lighter: Modern synthetic insulation sleeping bags have an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio thanks to their advanced fill materials and can also be combined with new.

Down sleeping bags continue to experience strong demand. They amply cover the expedition, mountaineering and lightweight sectors.

Down excels thanks to its comfortable warmth and softness.

However, significant increases in duck and goose down prices in recent years have posed a challenge for manufacturers, “to make sure that price points for sleeping bags don’t creep up too high,” says Tom Strobl, Mountain Equipment Germany, told show organisers.

“For 2017 Mountain Equipment has used scientific methods to analyse every stitch, every chamber and every other detail to significantly improve performance through lighter designs.”