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Aussie mouthguard to record concussion

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Concussion is now seen as a major problem for contact sports athletes and organisers but Melbourne company HitIQ has designed a clever mouthguard which detects head impacts and boosts the process of concussion assessment.

The Nexus A9 has been developed by partners professional sportsman Mike Vegar and dental hygienist Lucas Lang, who saw the need for more data and science to combat the growing problem in contact sports.

Managing Director and co-founder of HitIQ. Vegar reports that the Nexus A9 is connected to the skull through the upper jaw and integrated with motion sensors, to detect linear and rotational accelerations in head impacts.

This info is communicated via Bluetooth to a sideline device in nearly real-time so medical personnel can make more informed decisions regarding concussion assessments.

The Nexus A9 is being tested in a scientific field-study at Melbourne’s La Trobe University, along with a local football club, with around 40 athletes wearing the mouthguard reach week.

The mouthguard is expected to be released for sale in Australia in the next few months.

HitIQ is also planning designs for football in the US,  reports the Sports Techie newsletter