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Boxing in the Red Corner

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Action Sports and Fitness is the exclusive distributor of the exciting new Red Corner Boxing ranges developed by experienced retailer Michelle Walton for female consumers.

Says general manager of Action Sports and Fitness Guy Kingsmill, “Red Corner Boxing is all about the fit.

“We want women to know that we ‘fit’ them, everything we do is designed to fit women. Whether it’s tapered gloves designed specifically for female hands or boxing accessories designed with females in mind – everything we do is made to fit women. The bright attractive prints are a bonus.”

Red Corner is the brainchild of Michelle Walton, a retailer with more than 30 years’ experience working in the sports and fitness retail industry, including ACT’s SW chain. A dedicated fitness enthusiast herself, she spent years looking for boxing gloves which were made for women.

She found that most female boxing gloves are made by male boxing brands and are just male gloves made in pink or purple. They do not fit properly, can be uncomfortable to wear and can compromise performance.

After performing some informal market research she discovered that nearly half of all boxing glove purchasers are women, and they are buying men’s’ gloves, simply because there is nothing else available, says Kingsmill.

With the growing trend of outdoor training, boot camps and fitness boxing becoming more mainstream, Michelle Walton spotted a gap in the market. Almost all female gloves available feature a very limited colour palette and minimal design elements.

The Red Corner product has been produced with distinctive retail packaging and offers four ranges of gloves, mitts and pads for women, targeting various ages and experience levels from entry to premium Brand Hero level, plus a young athletes range designed for eight to 12 years.

Says Kingsmill, “The Red Corner collections will be available to wider distribution from May 2017, after launching exclusively with Rebel in October. ”