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Polar launches new fitness tracker

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    Photo #183

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Polar has introduced its A370, a fitness tracker with continuous wrist-based heart rate and sleep analytics.

By combining daily activity goal guidance with Polar Sleep Plus, the Polar A370 delivers “a complete picture of the user’s fitness based on the intersection of activity, rest and recovery.”

The A370’s design features waterproof, vibrant glass lens colour touch display and vibrating notifications, along with lightweight, interchangeable band colours.

Continuous wrist-based heart rate automatically measures heart rate during rest and physical activity.

Says Managing Director, Polar Electro Australia, Drew Oryszczyn, “We spend a third of our life sleeping, so if you’re trying to gain holistic insight into your fitness, it’s equally important to monitor and understand our bodies at rest as it is to understand them during physical activity.”

The device can also be used as a heart rate sensor with any other compatible Bluetooth devices or mobile app.

The A370 can also be when connected to mobile phones to track pace, distance and route via the phone’s GPS. The tracker’s accelerometer can also estimate running speed and distance when indoors on a treadmill or track.

Polar claims to be “the leading pioneer in heart rate monitoring, activity trackers and training programmes, with nearly 40 years of experience and a proud heritage in innovative physiological and sports medicine research.”