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Posted by: Speedo Australia on 03/27/2017

Speedo Fit: on and in the water

Speedo Fit: on and in the water

Swimwear brand Speedo has launched its new cross training range, along with the “world’s first floating exercise mat.”

At the North Sydney Olympic Pool under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a new era in fitness was launched, the company says, along with AquaPhysical floating mat.

Speedo’s Cross Training range has been designed for fitness in and out of the water.

From dry land training to water based activities, the Speedo range is fast drying, so consumers remain comfortable and supported whatever their activities, the company says.

Using water to transform fitness, AquaPhysical, the water workout specialists are delighted to be in Australia.

The AquaBase is a low impact exercise platform that floats on water, strengthening all muscles equally with every move.

The movement created by the water requires the core and concentration to work together to stay on top of the AquaBase. Intricate stabilisation muscles that prevent dislocation and add strength to joints work overtime. These muscle fibres often go ‘unworked’ in a normal workout and the core has to work continually to stay balanced.

Burning more calories than undertaking the same exercise on land, your muscles go into overdrive having to stay equally balanced to work out on the AquaBase. 

Says Tom Whelan, AquaPhysical founder and master trainer “FloatFit is a 30 minute workout on water - offering a full body workout on a body length, unstable, floating platform away from congested studios.”

With a mission to inspire people to swim, any fitness activity that places active Australians within an aquatic environment is one Speedo are keen to be involved in. Brand Manager Speedo Pacific, Graham Eyres says, “As a sports brand, we have an ongoing responsibility to grow the participation of Australian’s exercising in and on the water, hence the AquaPhysical partnership was a perfect fit.

“The introduction of the AquaBase product into Australia provides fitness enthusiasts with a new and exciting way to stay Speedo Fit,” he says.