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Posted by: Motum Brands on 11/20/2017


’47 SIGNIFICANTLY EXPANDS NBA LICENSING AGREEMENT Sports lifestyle brand to support new partnership through refreshed product and amplified team relations.

'47, a privately held premium sports lifestyle brand, has announced an expansion of its licensing agreement with the National Basketball Association (NBA), effective with the 2017-2018 season. The five-year agreement grants the brand rights to utilize current NBA logos on all men’s and  women’s headwear and apparel, plus youth headwear. Deal terms permit production of SMU product for key seasonal moments, including NBA All-Star, NBA Playoffs, and NBA Finals events. 

’47 has been a valued partner of the NBA since 1983. Through this expanded partnership, the brand plans to invest significant resources to support the business. Leveraging ’47’s high-end apparel offerings and leadership in the curved headwear market, the brand is positioned to capture a unique segment of the league’s audience.

“We recognize the significance of the NBA business from both a cultural perspective and as one of the premier sports leagues,” said ’47 co-owner Steven D’Angleo. “We’re looking forward to growing our presence with NBA fans and with our long time partners at the league.”

The global sports lifestyle brand also secured international rights as part of the new agreement in key territories including but not limited to Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Key distribution channels for new product offerings in Australia & New Zealand include Rebel, Mick Simmons, Lifestyle Sports and various other sports & fashion retailers. 

Motum Brands is the official distributor of '47 in Australia & New Zealand. For wholesale enquiries, please contact:

Ella Mottee - National Sales Manager

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