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Posted by: Signature Mouthguards on 10/24/2015

New mouthguard from Australia's own Signature

New mouthguard from Australia's own Signature Signature®, Australia’s iconic own mouthguard brand and manufactured here, is introducing the Dentist 2GO™ mouthguard.
The Dentist 2GO mouthguard from Signature’s R&D Division has been developed from rugby and AFL fields of play, says managing director Ray Gillman.

“It is a mouthguard with extraordinary retention qualities due to its uniquely-designed fitting surface –  a  dental-made mouthguard without going to a dentist. This mouthguard replicates an impression taken by a dentist from which a standard dentally prescribed mouthguard is made.”

The Dentist 2GO mouthguard comes with a VIPA-inspred  mouthguard case printed with a snake head scale pattern that clearly sets this mouthguard apart as truly unique, says Ray Gillman. The Dentist 2GO mouthguard joins the suite of Signature’s  mouthguards designed and produced in Australia for Australian sports – suitable for the age of the player, the sport played and level of competition.  

Types and models range from specialised models for young players  ages 5-10 years up to Olympic level.

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