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Posted by: Wahu

One million Phlat balls grabs award

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Home of fun, colourful toys and water sports products Britz Marketing Australasia has collected yet another award.

This time for selling more than one million clever Phlat balls in the decade since the Brisbane-based company has been distributing the product in Australia for US- manufacturer Tucker Toys.

Managing Director Tim Britz (right) accepted the award presented by Tucker Toys’ Mark Nathan.

Britz says,“We are excited to add this milestone to our showcase which is always expanding with awards for innovative product and exceptional sales.”

This award is a milestone for Britz Marketing Australasia and coincides with the iconic Grip ball having sold more than 10 000 000 products.

Following the quick success of the Phlat ball, Tucker Toys and Britz Marketing Australasia has introduced other versions of the Phlat Ball including the Phlat Ball Aeroflot, Phlat Ball Flash and the Phlat Ball V3.

Britz Marketing Australasia focuses on quality, colourful and innovative product with an emphasis on active, outdoor play.”