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Gotrak: Aussie and ‘better than the rest’

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The first Australian-owned fitness tracker, gotrak , is looking to take on the established players, with a price and suite of features that claim to improve on current options.

And the team behind gotrak is looking to partner with an established and reputable distributor to take the product to the next level.,while it emulates the words of singer Tina Turner.

Founded in 2015 in Victoria, gotrak is the brainchild of Goran Trakilovic, a young Aussie weekend warrior unhappy with the current fitness trackers in the market.

Trakilovic says, “I used to wear the best brand on the market but it still fell short of what I needed.

“After doing our research and identifying several gaps, we realised we could produce something better ourselves.

“We wanted something that kept minimalist design features, but provided athletes and weekend warriors like me with superior features. After a lengthy design and testing stage we’ve come up with something that fits those requirements.”

The gotrak offers:

• Superior battery life and display: By displaying the battery life on the screen, gotrak keeps users informed about how long they have before needing to recharge – helpful on longer hikes. Each charge provides four to five days of usage.

• Eliminating false step counts: By combining GPS data with the motion sensor, the gotrak more accurately measures actual steps, rather than the ‘false steps’ possible just by moving your arm.

• Turning off the lights: The photoelectric heart-rate sensor lights can be switched off when you are trying to sleep, ensuring that while you are still gaining the benefits of having your heart-rate monitored, your sleep is not being interrupted.

The gotrak and associated app also incorporates a user-friendly clasp, remote selfies and SNS alerts, among other features.

“it is almost half retail price of the most comparable product in the market,” says Trakilovic.

“We launched early September 2016 and already have a significant following on Facebook and Instagram, with over 2,000 unique visitors to the website on a minimal marketing spend.”

“Now we are looking to partner with a reliable distributor to take Australia’s first home-grown fitness tracker to the next stage, into the retail stores,” Trakilovic says.