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Posted by: Australian Sporting Goods Association on 04/14/2017

ASGA’s activewear talkfest plans

ASGA’s activewear talkfest plans The future of sport and active lifestyle retailing is the focus of the next ASGA networking event.

Planned for mid-June in Sydney, president of the Australian Sporting Goods Association Erica Berchtold and chief executive of Stylerunner, Julie Stevanja, will discuss the future of Australian sporting and active lifestyle.

The two-hour networking event will on June 19 will play host to many of Australia’s leading sporting goods retailers, brands and distributors.

As the head of sports at the Super Retail Group, encompassing Rebel and Amart, Erica Berchtold will lead the discussion of how Australian retailing will meet the challenges of an industry facing serious international competition, from traditional and online-only retailers.

Berchtold says,“Brands and retailers are facing an exciting future in Australia – one that will be challenging to everyone but that will reward innovation and bold thinking.

“I’m looking forward to sharing the insights we’ve developed at ASGA and at Super Retail Group with the wider industry,” Erica said.

With Stylerunner a major online active wear retailer in Australia, founder Julie Stevanja will focus on exciting developments in the online space and how brands can set themselves apart in a growing but crowded market. She also serves on the ASGA board.

Says Stevanja, “We’re seeing a real shift in the purchasing power and retail decision-making of female consumers.

“Brands and retailers need to ensure they are offering a compelling product, innovative marketing, and an enticing retail experience.”

The two will discuss the importance of the relationship between brands and retailers. They’ll look at how emerging brands can structure their operations to make the most impact with retailers and consumers.

ASGA Executive Director Shannon Walker will discuss the benefits of ASGA membership.

Venue for the free ASGA Networking Event has not yet been named but will be in the Sydney CBD.

Pictured: Erica Berchtold ( second from right) with sports stars Laura Geitz, Jessica Fox and Libby Trickett at a Rebel event in November 2015