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Posted by: Australian Sporting Goods Association on 05/17/2017

Erica, Julie on the future of retail

Erica, Julie on the future of retail

The upcoming ASGA networking event will look at the future of retailing, with two industry experts telling it how they see it.

Head of Rebel and Amart Sports, Erica Berchtold, with founder and chief executive of online retailer Stylerunner, Julie Stevanja, will discuss the future of Australian sporting and active lifestyle retailing at networking event on June 19.

The gathering, organised by the Australian Sporting Goods Association with president Berchtold, will run from 5pm and host many of Australia’s leading sporting goods retailers, brands and distributors.

The discussion will cover how Australian retailing will meet the challenges of an industry facing serious international competition, from traditional and online-only retailers.

Berchtold says, “Brands and retailers are facing an exciting future in Australia – one that will be challenging to everyone but that will reward innovation and bold thinking.”

With Stylerunner one of the leading online active wear retailers in Australia, Stevanja , who is also on the ASGA Board, will focus on exciting developments in the online space and how brands can set themselves apart in a growing but crowded market.

She says, “We’re seeing a real shift in the purchasing power and retail decision-making of female consumers. Brands and retailers need to ensure they are offering a compelling product, innovative marketing, and an enticing retail experience.”

Says ASGA Executive Director Shannon Walker, importance of the relationship between brands and retailers and how emerging brands can structure their operations to make the most impact with retailers and consumers will also be discussed at the gathering to be held   at KPMG, level 38, tower 3, 300 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney. More info: