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Posted by: Designworks Clothing Company on 06/27/2017

Everlast sponsors Horn in big fight

Everlast sponsors Horn in big fight

It’s the fight the Everlast team has been waiting for, when Aussie Jeff Horn takes on Manny Pacquiao.

Everlast Australia sponsors Jeff Horn in the battle for the WBO Welterweight title. Expected to sell out, the two will meet at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane this Sunday.

Everlast Australia will be supplying Horn with his personalised ‘The Hornet’ PowerLock lace up orange and black gloves and matching custom designed boots.

Known for his rapid fire attack from a southpaw stance, Philipino Pacquiao is a firm favourite to beat Horn. However, Horn has said being at home will give him something that Manny does not, “Manny will be at the next level. But on my home ground, I’m going to have a big advantage”.

Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum, agreed that Jeff Horn’s home ground advantage could help him beat Pacquiao.

“If his fight with Pacquiao was in Vegas or Madison Square Garden in New York, I wouldn’t give him much of a chance because I think nerves would take over. But the fact that Horn is going to be fighting in front of so many of his countrymen will calm his nerves.”

Pacquiao has not knocked out anyone in the past eight years, whereas Horn has won his last three fights by knockout and is the best fighter in Australia in his weight division. However, Pacquiao’s long-time trainer, Freddie Roach, has said that Pacquiao is ready to put an end to his knockout drought.

Throughout the build up to the fight, Horn has been named the “Mr Nice” of boxing, but his trainer Glenn Rushton said that won’t be the case on the night.

“There is no villain in this fight, they’re both nice guys. But that will all change when it’s all on the line in the ring. That’s when Jeff turns into ‘The Hornet’.”

The Battle of Brisbane on July 2 is set to break records in Australia. Ticket sales are currently sitting near 50,000, officially making the Horn vs Pacquiao Australia’s biggest fight in history. Suncorp Stadium recently secured an exemption to increase seating from 55,000 to 60,000 due to a huge demand.

The event is set to pump more than $23 million into local business and show off the best of Queensland to a massive global audience, with spectators from 150 countries expected to tune in.