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Posted by: Designworks Clothing Company on 11/03/2017

Everlast x PIQ

Everlast x PIQ

Everlast have teamed up with PIQ to combine technology and boxing, creating a revolutionary product that is the first of its kind in combat sports. The very first AI-powered wearable device is set to usher in a new era in the sport of boxing.  Designed to help boxers analyse and implement winning factors in real time, the Everlast and PIQ will be supported by a mobile application that delivers instantaneous feedback. 

The Everlast PIQ Boxing Tracker features a wearable PIQ Robot™ Blue engineered to measure punch speed, G-force and retraction time as you move through your workout. The first of its kind, the device delivers robust features in a svelte and highly functional device, meaning boxers are now able to view measured training insights, helping them perform their best.

Everlast and PIQ uses revolutionary motion-capture algorithm technology which was developed through intricate studies on boxers and millions of motions.  The technology is able to understand and analyse microscopic variations in boxing movements such as shadow boxing, bag, mitt and sparring sessions in real-time, identifying key strengths and areas for development. This feedback is delivered to the mobile application so adjustments and improvements can be made.

The IP67 waterproof rating ensures the device is protected from sweat. The tracker measures punch speed, G-force and retraction time, whilst recording and storing boxers’ performance and progress during sessions. Everlast and PIQ allows boxers to compete with friends, communities and rank on a worldwide leader board. After every session, boxers receive the leader board with the TOP 10 highlights and can see how they measure up with the community. 

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