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Posted by: Australian Sporting Goods Association on 04/07/2016

Women’s active wear: look at the numbers!

Women’s active wear: look at the numbers!

Women’s active wear consumption grew 50 per cent ($20 million to $30 million) from 2012 to 2014 in Australia, according to new research from the Australian Sporting Goods Association.

Says Executive Director of ASGA, Shannon Walker, “This astonishing figure shows how popular active wear has become with female consumers. It’s moved off the running track and into our cafes and shopping malls and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.”

The research is the first stage of the Active Wear: Forecasting Future Trends in Female Consumer Behaviour research project being conducted by Victoria University on behalf of ASGA.

This $140,000 research project will result in a comprehensive report about the trends in female active wear, consumer sentiment about the category and the future of the category in the Australian marketplace in the next five to ten years.

The report will provide valuable insights to brands, retailers and marketers of female active wear and for companies thinking of moving into that space.

Stage One of the project, the Literature Review, has been completed, with an infographic of the major findings now publicly available. The full report is available to subscribers.

The full report and infographic for Stage Two, which consisted of eight focus groups with female consumers from across Victoria and New South Wales, will be available to subscribers soon.

Two more stages – a Delphi Study of industry experts and a Quantitative Survey of female consumers – will be completed later this year.

The project is being led by senior researchers at Victoria University’s Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL), including Dr Clare Hanlon, Professor Hans Westerbeek and Dr Ramon Spaaij, all internationally-recognised experts in sports consumers and participation.

They will be joined by retail and brand experts 10 Thousand Feet, who manage ASGA’s industry-leading market intelligence surveys into footwear, apparel, golf and sporting goods retail.

Says Shannon Walker,  “This is an expensive project – one we cannot do on our own.

“We’re looking for research subscribers who will receive $140,000 worth of research into this exciting category for a fraction of the cost.

“This is ground-breaking research. We expect ASGA members and others in the sporting and active lifestyle goods space will be very interested in subscribing to and being involved with the project.

“We’re also taking this to other stakeholders, including national sporting organisations, investment analysts, business advisory companies and advertisers.”