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Posted by: Rocktape Australia

Rocktape: telling its story to all

  • Photo #165

    Photo #165

    Jason Kalipa
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    Photo #166

    Ashley Horner

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Colourful and flexible, Rocktape ensures its story reaches all sportspeople and retailers everywhere

Says national sales manager Troy Ramshaw, “As the leading kinesiology tape, we focus on ensuring that athletes ask for Rocktape by name by showing at fitness expos, major sporting events, including Crossfit , mind and body expos and royal shows in the capital cities.

Free taping and advice is offered at all these shows, plus Rocktape’s significant investment in brand marketing keeps our brand front of mind.

Rocktape has more than 10,000 practitioners in Australia who use and endorse Rocktape in their clinics. And these patients seek Rocktape from their local sports store.

“Education sessions around the country, online videos and detailed instructions in every box of tape emphasise our high end adhesive, fabric and stretch.”

Says Ramshaw, “We also offer staff training sessions and merchandising for retailers.”

Pictured: Ambassador Jason Kalipa in action