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Posted by: GPI Sports and Fitness Pty Ltd on 04/16/2017

The tortoise is winning the race: GPI Sports & Fitness

The tortoise is winning the race: GPI Sports & Fitness

GPI Sports & Fitness: The tortoise is winning the race

As wholesalers come and go in the fitness industry, the tortoise (GPI Sports & Fitness) has slowly navigatated itself through the tough times to stay on top of its game to become an important supplier of a diverse domestic fitness equipment product range to a large and loyal customer base.

This customer base includes the major buying groups such as SportsPower, Intersport and SportsFirst as well as many individual specialty fitness stores across Australia.

The strength of GPI starts at the top with Jamie Gordon heading up the division – he has over 25 years experience in the fitness industry. Jamie completes ten years at GPI this year and his contribution to the division is nothing short of outstanding as he has recreated the entire product range and put Bodyworx on the fitness map.

Jamie is assisted by Andrew Gill who fiulls the role of National Sales Manager and Donna Gouldthorpe who is the National Operations Manager and handles the distribution of srock around Australia and overseeing the service department too.

The changes to GPI over the past ten years are directly related back to:

A the goal of being the number one wholesaler in the domestic fitness market; and

B the fact that GPI strive to become a one stop fitness shop for all retailers.

GPI are able to satisfy their customers’ requirements as they have stock located in 13 warehouses around Australia which allows us to quickly satisfy their stock needs.

GPI have also added many new brands to compliment home brand Bodyworx – distributing international fitness brands BodyCraft and Impetus as well as other brands such as Tec Rope, XR Slide and the Victor Sports injury prevention product categories too.

PowerPoints are just one more reason why GPI are a major player in the fitness industry. The programme means that once registered, you will automatically receive one point for every $1 that you spend with GPI ( ex GST).

You can then exchange these points for viturally anything you like, such as travel, TVs , iPhones, iPads, Gold Class cinema tickets, just to name a few.

It’s just another way that GPI supports their customers. Why would you purchase equipment from anyone else?

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