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Sports and Outdoor trade supplier Equip Health Systems Pty Ltd in O'Connor WA

Equip Health Systems Pty Ltd

Sport outdoor & watersports
O'Connor,Western Australia6163

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Bite Away®’s mission is to give Australian’s a chemical free alternative that instantly relieves the pain and itch caused by insect bites and stings.

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Name Equip Health Systems Pty Ltd
Logo Equip Health Systems Pty Ltd Company Logo by Equip Health Systems Pty Ltd in O'Connor WA
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Unit 2, 5 Hines Road
O'Connor, WA 6163
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Executive staff Leanne Marsh
Product range BiteAway insect bite healer
Insect Repellents
Mosquito Nets
First Aid Kits
Water Purification and Filtration
Brand names BiteAway Equip Fill2pure Repel

About Equip Health Systems Pty Ltd

Equip Health Systems is an Australian owned family business specialising in the safety and comfort of travellers, backpackers, campers and all those just enjoying the outdoors.    Equip Health Systems Pty Ltd is a proudly Australian owned and operated company that specialisesin state of the art medical, safety and travel products. Equip products have been developed and tested by the Equip Medical Director Dr David Millar who has over 30 years’ experience as medical doctor to commercial and scientific expeditions in isolated locations throughout the world.Product development began as a result of there being no products commercially available which could offer the required effectiveness, strength and value for money. Now Equip's quality medical, safety and travel products are used worldwide by professionals and travellers who require the best possible insurance against danger and discomfort.                                                                            Equip manufactures the Equip branded range of First Aid kits and specialty first aid kits.                                           Equip has 4 sizes of Mosquito net both treated (to repel insects) and untreated. As well as our self supporting Speed Net which can be set up anywhere.Debugger (available in original concentrate and now convenient spray pack) is a DIY permethrin treatment to repel and kill mosquitos and other insects. This widely used product is extremely effective in preventing bites from disease carrying mozzies etc.As well as EQUIP brand we stock a number of very reputable brands which we believe are essential to the safety and comfort of the traveller no matter where in the world they may be.                                    BiteAway is a safe, easy and chemical free way to stop the pain and irritation caused by insect bites and stings. BiteAway is a pocket size medical device for the external treatment of bites and stings. Ideal for those who love the outdoors, so add it to your camping essentials and next time you are having fun outdoors you wont have to worry about insect bites. further information can be found on website a quality range of water filtration / purification that removes Virus, Bacteria, Parasites Chemicals, Heavy Metals and more from water, making water that is unsuitable and would cause serious health issues safe to drink. Water from any source (other than salt) can be made safe to drink. Pond, well, dam, bore etc.            Repel Insect Repellent a range of DEET and Picaradin based formulas that are alcohol free, non-greasy, have a pleasant fragrance, are water resistant and contain antiseptic. They also meet WHO and CDC recomendations so you will have peace of mind knowing you are protected at home or overseas.    Website
Heal those insect bites and sting by Equip Health Systems Pty Ltd in O'Connor WA

Heal those insect bites and sting

Help your customers enjoy life in the great outdoors. Bite Away® is a safe, easy, and chemical-free way to stop the pain and irritation of insect..

Posted by: Equip Health Systems Pty Ltd

Posted: 04/16/2017

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