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Posted by: Leisure Link (Aust) Pty Ltd on 04/16/2017

OOFOS... running recovery success

OOFOS... running recovery success OOFOS... running recovery success

Rest and recovery are considerations for anyone who’s actively involved in sport.

With the rise of the mass running market there emerged a lot of tired, worn out and injury-prone runners, looking for ways to make the most of their recovery and minimise their time out of running. The ‘recovery market’ is now well established with everything from rollers to compression tights and now footwear.

OOFOS was launched in Boston, USA in 2012 by Paul Brown, Juan Diaz, Steve Liggett and Lou Panaccione, veterans of the sports footwear business, having worked together at Reebok in the 1980s. The company has doubled in size every year since its launch, with OOFOS now found in over 1,400 stores in the US and 20 countries worldwide.

Technology matters

The secret to OOFOS’ success is its technology. “We worked closely with a South Korean chemist for two years to come up with the formula and we decided to keep the ‘ingredients’ a secret, like Coca Cola,” Lou Panaccione explains.

OOFOS offers an antidote to performance footwear, which are designed to offer rebound and energy return. “What was needed was the opposite – a shoe that could absorb shock and impact from hard natural surfaces, cushion and support the foot and relieve pressure on joints”. The ‘secret’ is a closed cell foam called OOfoam, which absorbs 37 per cent more shock than traditional running shoes (typically made with EVA foam). The proprietary OOfoam technology and the patented biomechanically engineered foot-bed provide superior arch support.

Clear vision

“Our starting point was our mission statement that we want to make people feel better. And after two years of testing we knew our technology was doing just that”. The technology can be of benefit to consumers way beyond running, for example, for foot injuries, diabetes and a whole host of sports, but as Panaccione says, “one of our key challenges was staying focussed, because there are so many opportunities with this technology, so we’ve kept focussed on running and the outdoor market”.

Word of mouth marketing: try it, test it

The running market has the reputation of being a hard one to sell into, which is why the team focussed most of their marketing on getting the shoes tried and tested by ‘OOfficials’ and getting them to tell the story at the grassroots level. “We gave shoes to running coaches and personal trainers, as well as fitness instructors, podiatrists and yoga teachers, and it was word-of-mouth marketing that was most effective”. Panaccione admits some of the running retailers were a little cynical, but he says that once they had persuaded retailers to try their ‘pioneering recovery footwear’ they were sold.


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