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Posted by: Wilderness Wear Australia on 02/15/2017

New from Wilderness Wear

New from Wilderness Wear Wilderness Wear Australia is a producer of high-end technical clothing for the outdoors, and has enjoyed a reputation for premium product in this market category for more than 20 years.

Most of the company’s customer base lies in Australia, save for a small amount in the Americas and Asia.

The key to Wilderness Wear product is its quality, in terms of design, materials and technology – and also the fact that it is Australian by nature, being produced by a company that is Australian and uses the finest Australian Merino wool as its base.

This positioning works very well with customers in our country, and also presents opportunity for specialist outdoor retailers overseas to connect with non-mainstream European or North America brands. For Wilderness Wear, an Australian story is often a great story!

While Wilderness Wear Australia has a full range of outdoor clothing on offer, the focus here is on two new products: Firstly, MerionFusion™, or ‘MeFu' as Wilderness Wear call it.

The basis of this base/midlayer is a unique hybrid weave of Australian superfine Merino wool and Schoeller® premium polypropylene that combines the very best of both fibre types – for warmth, durability, stretch, odour control, touch and technical appearance. Available in two weights, 160gsm and 190gsm, and being fitted for men's and women's cuts, MerinoFusion™ is being produced in a number of long-sleeved styles and colour ways.

The range is creating considerable interest via the company’s sales agents and also via trade exhibitions for the outdoor/travel market in general.

Secondly, Larapinta, Overland and Cape to Caper hike socks. Knitted from a high content of Pure Australian Merino wool, these beautiful socks are designed and produced to be the world’s best.

And, as an extension, Wilderness Wear is also producing these three new socks in a specially packaged ‘extreme’ version that contains blister-free Profilin® in the heel and toe areas. These socks come with a strong history of Wilderness Wear outdoor clothing and are positioned to create further reputation in this category.

Importantly, Wilderness Wear product is different to anything like it: The material specification is better than anything else available and the provenance of all inputs is guaranteed, with all manufacturing taking place in company’s own factory here in Melbourne.