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Posted by: Alcock and Pierce Pty Ltd on 04/16/2017

Hunters fly with new Vulture packages

Hunters fly with new Vulture packages

Hunters fly with new Vulture packages

Many of Alcock and Pierce’s customers are bow hunters, says national manager Tim Brewer, “and the Vulture package now comes in four colour choices to suit hunters or keen club shooters.”

These packages are ready to shoot, including bow, Fibre-optic sight, brush rest, peep sight, stabiliser, wrist sling, quiver arrows and bow bag, all fitted to bow.

Vulture bow features: length 29 inches; compact lightweight and easy to carry, with a draw length of 20-30 inches, adjustable for any archer with a simple allen key to suit youth and adult archers.

Choose from Camo with a draw weight of 45-65 lbs, Black 35-55 lbs, Blue 25-45 lbs or Pink 25-45 lbs. Bows grow with the shooter’s abilities and technique and, of course, age with ten inch adjustable draw length, says Tim Brewer.

The archery market is strong, hence the development of the clever 18-in-one target (below)which lasts longer than other targets and can be used for target arrows or hunting arrows.

And bow hunting is even stronger and with the rapid growth in feral pests in Australia – rabbits, goats, pigs, deer – the need for this type of environmental control grows.

Says Brewer, culls are not enough these days, feral game is out of control and private shooters are needed in big numbers to help control the problem.

Alcock & Pierce has developed a new fox call, which offers a combination of high pitched squealer and a mouse squeaker, perfect for long range fox and wild dog calling.

The Ringwood-based, third-generation company has added knives to its product range – skinning and general sports knives, all supplied with a free sharpener.

Another strong, and growing, category for the company is the shooting products, which has Alcock & Pierce has sold since its beginning in 1903.

The shooting industry looks healthy and growing, says Brewer, and only licenced gun dealers are allowed to sell our guns.

Demand for air rifles is also a growing market, with a huge range of around 50 different airgun pellets, to help with improved accuracy and penetration with small game.

Says Tim Brewer, we have a great one-to-one relationship with our dealer network, and although the internet impacts on our marketplace, we offer exclusive products which only serve to strengthen the relationship we have built up with our dealers over many years.

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