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Posted by: Alcock and Pierce Pty Ltd on 10/26/2015

Meeting demand for archery's hot products

Meeting demand for archery's hot products As archery continues to grow across the world, the demand for new  bows and  more accessories grows too.

Reports  national sales manager of Melbourne-based Alcock & Pierce, Tim Brewer, “Archery is a wonderful family sport which has grown substantially over the past five years and we see much more growth in the future.

“Many of our retailers are doing well with archery and we encourage those who have not yet ranged it to consider our complete starter packs with display wall and POS, designed to supply  growing membership in archery clubs,  school classes and youth club activities.

• New Vulture Compound Bow Package:  The latest high performance bow package from Alcock & Pierce is now available for outdoor sports retailers all across Australia.

“This complete ready-to-shoot package is fitted with all accessories straight out of our new high visiblity colour display box, says Tim Brewer.

“We have done all the background work to get your customers set up right with an easy-to-sell package that will get them having fun, shooting arrows quickly.

Vulture Bow features: Length: 29 inch – Compact, light weight and easy to carry, with a draw length of 19-29”, adjustable for any archer with a simple allen key to suit youth and adult archers. (Draw weight: 40-60 LBS (Camo) 30-50 LBS (Pink)
The package Includes: bow, Fibreoptic sight, brush rest, peep sight, stabiliser, wrist sling, quiver, arrows and bow bag, all fitted to bow.

• Australia’s best range of arrows! We carry the biggest range of youth and adult arrows for retailers across Australia – wood, fibreglass and alloy for beginners. Carbon fibre arrows for target shooters and bow hunters.

Ask about our new bulk discount deals of the best selling fibreglass target arrows, available now for archery season.

• Australia’s best selling economy archery target! The most eye-catching colour display box brings attention to the sport of archery and increased sales, says Tim Brewer. “This large faced archery target is perfect for beginner archers and is a essential for safety.

“Made to last 1000s of shots, our target comes complete with weather proof fabric outer shell, metal free standing legs and large coloured target face. It’s lightweight and easy to carry at just 75cm x 75cm x 5cm, and is a best seller, so check it all out,” says Tim Brewer.