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Posted by: Injinji Performance Products Pty Ltd on 04/16/2017

IPP delivers top gear for runners

IPP delivers top gear for runners IPP delivers top gear for runners

Injinji Performance Products is offering a clever new lightweight footwear brand to the Australian marketplace.

Called Topo Athletic and launched in the US in 2013 by footwear expert Tony Post, the brand is the culmination of more than 30 years of shoemaking and competitive running experience.

Post spent 15 years at Rockport where he learned the craftsmanship of shoemaking.

After Rockport, keen college runner Post became president of Vibram USA where he helped spark the natural running movement with Vibram FiveFingers. After 11 years with Vibram, Post knew there was still something missing from the market – a shoe that allowed runners to access the benefits of natural running while retaining some of their favourite features found in traditional running shoes.

In 2013, Post and a small team launched Topo Athletic, with a mission to develop footwear that honours the body’s natural abilities in running and fitness.

Says IPP’s Paul Reuss, “Topo Athletic offers a unique fit and feel that encourages instinctive and natural movement to help maximise athletic performance.”

All Topo products incorporate three simple ingredients – roomy toe box, low drop and light weight – to serve the categories of road, trail and gym.

All Topo Athletic footwear is engineered to be lightweight, with each shoe weighing between 150-290 grams in sample sizes.

Topo’s signature fit: roomy in the toes, but snug in the heel and waist, delivers a superior connection and sense of control when compared to the generally wide fit of other natural running shoe brands.

Topo’s target market is men and women aged 20-50, amateur athletes and runners who view health and fitness as a lifestyle.

Topo shoes have already won many awards and sales are growing rapidly in the global marketplace.


• The SPIbelt range now includes the all-new SPI H2O series which includes the all-in-one Venture belt and the SPIH2O companion bottle which fits any SPIbelt or can attach to shorts or pants.

The SPI H2O™ Venture Series hydration belt is bounce-free,, and eliminates cumbersome bottle holders.

The two 235 ml bottles can be placed anywhere on the elastic allowing runners to maximise comfort. This running belt is built for durability and will keep your water and other essentials right where you need them, with two points of adjustment and includes free race bib attachments.


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