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Posted by: Russell Corp Australia Pty Ltd

Spalding launches training aid range

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“You can never stop improving your game” says Spalding Australia, launching Spalding Training Aids and new Basketball Australia balls to the marketplace.

Driven by Spalding Global US, the products will hit Australian shores after proving popular internationally.

Designed to help basketballers of all ages, and assist coaches in developing the skills of players, the Training Aids range features a selection of skills-based tools and equipment to support players during training – assisting them in growing their skillset, correcting habits and improving on court techniques.

Spalding ambassador; Matthew Dellavedova recently filmed a collection of virtual training videos for the range while in Australia. The videos explain the features and benefits of each product, while demonstrating the best drills to aid the development of skills using the products.

The aids focus on particular areas of basketball actions and skills, embracing shooting and ball handling, jumping and rebounding, speed and strength, and defense and agility.

Featuring tools to be used for skills on and off the ball, products include the lateral strength resistor, strength chute, dribble goggles, shooting spots, smart shot, jump strength, handle sleeve, shot contester and training cones and discs.

• This month Spalding revealed its 2017-18 basketball catalogue, including a new-look exclusive to Basketball Australia, featuring balls for all playing types and used throughout official Basketball Australia tournaments, squads and competitions.

Spalding’s partnership with Basketball Australia began in 2010 and was last year renewed for a further three years.

The range features the official Basketball Australia game ball that will be used across all levels and disciplines.

Managing Director of Spalding Australia, Chris Lambert reports, “Spalding has collaborated closely with Basketball Australia to develop this new range to meet the needs of basketballers at every level. We can’t wait to see the new balls in action.”

The range features a new panel construction, print design and new structure.