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Posted by: Rad Season on 02/15/2017

Seeking Rad adventures and cool thrills

Seeking Rad adventures and cool thrills Aussie adventurer Oli Russell-Cowan developed his action concept while trekking around Latin America, and has established a business to help the like-minded. claims to be the world’s first website to combine all action sports and adventure festival booking needs under one roof, established to enable adventurers to find festivals and events dedicated to their adventure of choice.

Rad Season brings together action sports and adventure events from across the globe.

The free website allows users to search by location, date, and type of action and adventure sport to not only find events, but the closest accommodation and most convenient travel to and from the event.

Whether it’s a snowboarding music festival in the Austrian Alps in April, a surf contest in Hawaii in December, or a camel riding race in the Australian outback in July, on, it’s always the season somewhere, says founder Russell-Cowan.

With “more than 15 years experience in international business development, spanning multiple industries including action sports, events, media, digital,, travel and tourism, and an avid surfer,” Russell-Cowan decided to combine them all in Rad Season, “for all adventurers.“

 • Picture credit Karlstrom Creatives