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Posted by: HENZ Cricket Neck Guard

Henz neck guards for junior cricketers

  • Junior neck guard in use

    Junior neck guard in use


The news report of Australian test player David Warner being stuck on the neck during a practise match has re-activated the  helmet and neckguard controversy.

Inventor and supplier of the Henz neckguard for junior players, Nick Geale of the Safety Helmet Company is determined to protect junior cricketers from injury.

He says: “Early in the week, as I am sure you are aware, David Warner was hit on the neck! He refuses to wear a neck guard as does Steve Smith.

I could understand if there was nothing available but both their endorsed brands have neck protection.

We lost Phillip Hughes to such an accident – are we going to have another tragedy? 

I have been in sport shops promoting the HENZ Neck Guard and  when I ask parents "have you considered neck protection for your child" 75 percent say no.

Neck protection should be like a shin guard in junior soccer, if you do not wear one you do not play,” says Nick Geale.

The Henz neck guard is Australian made and locally owned.