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Be Bold with D+k activewear

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Brisbane-based d+k is launching its new spring summer range of men’s and women’s activewear this month, with many features that make it such an exciting brand.

d+k offers retailers Australian and ethically-made quality products with excellent performance features and precise fit without compromising movement.

The brand is the result of passion and hard work from founders Danielle Larkin (Director), and Chief Executive Kelly Tickle who says,  “We both have a strongback ground in business and a passion for a healthy active life. 

“We live and breathe everything d+k stands for – Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You,” Tickle says.

“We are in control of all facets of the business, with every part of our design and production process being executed under the one roof in our Virginia headquarters. 

“We have seen a gap in the market and we are here to fill it.”

d+k is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia, ensuring garments are cut, made and trimmed at the head office and factory in Brisbane.

“We are proudly Australian-owned, designed and crafted, with a laser-like focus on enforcing sustainable practice.”

The cutting edge transitional range is manufactured from predominantly Italian fabrics with recycled content, bringing comfort and durability without sacrificing style.

Says Tickle, “We create big but leave a small footprint in how we operate business, under the roof of our headquarters in Brisbane where every single item of d+k apparel is conceived, produced and delivered.”

Tickle says “We want d+k to be more than a wardrobe choice.

“Our products and our brand are a lifestyle decision and, by aligning ourselves with the Australian Made campaign, we are supporting retailers and consumers at work and play.

Contact national key account manager Brent Holden for wholesale enquiries.