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Posted by: Home Grown Brands Australia P/L on 02/20/2017

Give the gift of a healthy lifestyle... “Join the Fight Against Obesity...with Fun”

Give the gift of a healthy lifestyle... “Join the Fight Against Obesity...with Fun”

It's good for the community, good for our kids... good for your business... It makes you feel good too... and it's FREE!

“As an Industry we are uniquely positioned to help lead the fight against obesity

Over 63% of Adults are Overweight or Obese. Sadly the Australian population is becoming more obese. “The latest in-depth report by The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, released December 2016, showed overweight and obesity rates in Australia are now some of the highest in the world.
A whopping 63% of us are now overweight or Obese”. says CEO John Axford. “We think of ourselves as healthy bronzed Aussies, active outdoors, sporty, beach types, but this is in-fact a myth”. Points out John.

So what does it mean? The Government Report goes on to highlight the health risks now associated with an unhealthy body weight. Conditions such as Heart Disease, Stroke, and Type 2 Diabetes. There’s also connections with some cancers, especially of the bowel and breast, plus Osteoporosis (weak bones). Plus being physically active throughout life helps you maintain your physical strength and mobility and your quality of life as you age.

The Energy Balance Equation ..Play More.. Eat Better. Simple enough. Energy in... What you eat and drink. Energy out…What you burn through daily activity, play, exercise and body processes.
Our industry promotes the use of Sport & Outdoor products that encourages….Exercise, Fun and a Healthier Lifestyle!

“Time to ‘Up the Anti’ “ With the obese figures getting out of proportion, and obese children having a 25% -50% chance of being obese adults, we decided to develop our own campaign to help address the situation, one we could offer to stores”

What you can do to help. “We invite everyone to join our Give the Gift of a Healthy Lifestyle campaign and display the posters and banners in your store or workplace, to highlight the benefits of different fun sporting activities. The posters show an Activity Rating, Aerobic, Strength and Flexibility plus a Kilojoules Burn Rating and the Cardiovascular Fitness Benefits across a whole range of different sports. There’s also a 12 page Energy Calculator hand out where consumers can look up all the Fat Facts and the Health & Fitness stats for their own sport”.

Give your customers another positive reason to buy from You This Obesity Campaign is free to Retailers and if we all help to reduce the numbers of Obese Australians this can only be a positive for everyone.

“It’s good for your community… It’s good for our kids…. good for your business and it’ll make you feel good too!”

See the latest Governement Obesity Report  Government Obesity Report

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