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Posted by: Home Grown Brands Australia P/L on 02/20/2017

Sell the Sizzle: Retail it’s a whole new Era!

Sell the Sizzle: Retail it’s a whole new Era!

The Internet promotes lifestyle through imagery and video action

“We have to replicate this experience for our customers In-store”

Sell the Sizzle not the sausage. Never has this been so true!

The Team at Home Grown Brands Australia have developed a few excellent thoughts and resources to help replicate the internet Ii-store.

In this internet age consumers are not just buying products they are buying the lifestyle. Instant pictures of selfies and GoPro video posted on social media are a clear sign of how consumers are thinking! Hey! Look at me... look how cool I am!

Behave like the internet: To succeed in the market we have to reflect that attitude.

Show the lifestyle customers will attain by buying our products. Sell the lifestyle image.

Change and pace is a key factor of the internet, so we have to change what consumers see on a very regular basis, Street view, in-store images, seasonal events...

New offers- Constant change is key internet age buyers are fickle. We don’t hold their attention long, so we need to change our offering much more often. Window banners of events, offers and new products are a quick and inexpensive way to to attract customers back to our stores.

Video is king YouTube, embedded video on websites and Facebook, now outstrips TV viewing. And with action sports, video is the perfect medium to show products in action. In-store DVD’s creates a buzz and keeps customers in-store longer!

The tools to help build your business: “We know many of our customers don’t have the resources to do half of the things mentioned here. So we have created a free resource for our customers to help build their own marketing campaigns. There’s:

• Action in-store videos • Lifestyle posters

• Lifestyle image CDs • Event banners

• Product POS tickets • Product posters

• Product item CDs and a whole lot more!

Give our Team a call and see what we can do to help you “Sell the sizzle”

John Axford CEO

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