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Posted by: Zen Imports on 04/16/2017

High nuun for hydration

High nuun for hydration

High nuun for hydration

nuun is the newest way to help your body keep up with your mind: an electrolyte-enhanced drink tab with the objective of inspiring a healthier, happy and active lifestyle for Australians.

“Internationally, nuun Active hydration is the top selling sports drink tab in the cycling, running and outdoor markets,” says Australian distributor Zen Imports.

Using clean, ethical ingredients, nuun’s range allows for maximum hydration so you can get the most out of your body.

Simply add a tablet to your water bottle, and enjoy the varied benefits of nuun’s range. nuun is a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable way of fuelling your body, offering real health benefits as opposed to just a massive sugar hit.

• nuun Active is designed for fluid replenishment. When you’ve been sweating it out on a long run, nuun Active will rehydrate you more efficiently and facilitate faster muscle recovery. It’s common for people to drink too much plain water in extreme heat, without replenishing their sodium levels. Active gives you the sodium you need, while rehydrating you at the same time.

• nuun Boost: Boost is ideal for keeping you alert. A whole leaf, green tea caffeine extract, as well as vitamins B3, 5, 6 and 12 all help convert food into energy. Boost is the perfect option for those who need to work harder for longer and maintain high levels of energy.

• nuun Plus: Plus pairs perfectly with nuun Active or nuun Boost to make the ultimate sports drink. Recommended for endurance athletes, Plus is packed with electrolytes and carbohydrates, to help absorb and deliver faster energy.

“Sugary sports and energy drinks may give a burst of energy, but the come down is not worth it,” says the team at Zen Imports. Made from all natural plant-based ingredients, nuun is an environmentally friendly, low sugar way to get the electrolyte kick you need.

nuun’s electrolytes are internationally certified gluten free and vegan, created using non-GMO sourced dextrose. They are also Informed Choice certified and approved to be safe for sport.

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