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Posted by: Zen Imports on 04/16/2017

Klean Kanteen: colourful, healthy and ‘The Original’

Klean Kanteen: colourful, healthy and ‘The Original’

Before Klean Kanteen®, hydration bottles were made from either polycarbonate plastic or aluminium, materials which used Bisphenol, phthalates or other harmful substances in their manufacture.

These cheaply produced bottles would also commonly end up as landfill garbage or polluting the oceans, says the team at Sydney-based Zen Imports.

The founders of Klean Kanteen wanted to give health-conscious people a safe alternative to plastic and aluminium, and in 2004 released the first Klean Kanteen Classic water bottle onto the market.

Made from high quality, 18/8, food-grade stainless steel with BPA-free polypropylene #5 caps, the Klean Kanteen water bottles quickly grew in popularity and are now a leading global brand.

Klean Kanteen continues to lead through innovation and example, bringing new products to market every year that replace plastic with safe, long-life cycle alternatives, says the team from distributor Zen Imports.

Much thought has been put into the Klean Kanteen design to make the bottles unique, durable and healthy.
Rounded corners, electro-polished interiors, and solid construction work together to make products that don’t retain flavours between uses and also allow better cleaning, with no hard angles where dirt, germs or bacteria can stick.
Large mouth openings make filling the bottles or adding ice cubes easier, and the slim design of the 12oz, 18oz and 27oz models will fit most cup holders.

All models have 100 percent stainless steel threads with no plastic liner, and all caps have a safe, toxin-free silicone seal.
The Klean Kanteen range comes in wide array of gorgeous colours made using lead-free, acrylic paint and all models are dishwasher safe.

Says co-owner of Klean Kanteen, Michelle Kalberer, “Reusable products are no longer a novelty. They are the leading edge of a movement to ensure our health, and that of our planet.”

“Our hope is that our customers will continue to re-use the bottle for years and even decades to come. Every use of a Klean Kanteen product makes a difference!” Kalberer says.

For more than ten years, Klean Kanteen have poured its heart and soul into creating healthy alternatives to polycarbonate and lined-aluminium reusable bottles.

Klean Kanteen’s commitment to the planet is evident in the ability to create products that successfully replace single-use items.

“Everything we’re about is designed to ‘reduce single-use’. That’s our mantra and we encourage every Klean Kanteen owner to take the pledge alongside us every day,” Kalberer said.

The range includes  a wide range of bottles in  many sizes and colours.

For more information on Klean Kanteen: visit, or @kleankanteen on Instagram or contact Zen Imports.